Friday, July 3, 2009

K is for Kreativ.

Another day, another surprise, or rather a double surprise. I was nominated for the mysterious Kreativ Blogger Award by two of my utterly awesome writer-magician friends. Yesterday, Donna George Storey paid me the honor and today Nikki Magennis followed suit.

I tried to trace this phenomenon's provenance but was overwhelmed by the Google search results. If anyone knows who started this thing please do tell.

Anyway, as the name implies, this award recognises a blogger who is creative -- I imagine -- in ways going above and beyond the usual, whatever that happens to be.

The Kreativ Blogger Award meme works like this: if you accept it, you are supposed to list seven of your favorite things and nominate seven blogs that deserve this award.

Now, I confess to having a problem with numbers -- i.e. making decisions from a multitude of excellent choices -- and I also do not wish to hurt feelings by inevitably leaving out bloggers who are no less Kreativ than the ones I select. And, I know that everyone is very busy, so although this chain -- in theory -- would ultimately remain unbroken, if the spirit doesn't move my nominees to pay it forward then by all means they should not.

That said, here we go:

These are a few (well, seven) of my favorite things, subject to change at any time, and in no particular order of importance. In their parts they are not the sum of me, but a random sampling of the whole:

1) My shredder, from Staples. No longer on their website otherwise I'd show you. Cheaper than therapy.

2) Paris. We'll always have it, you know?

3) Venice. Hopefully it will stay afloat.

4) My collection of oddball notebooks and journals (surely they'll all be filled one day!).

5) The telephone as a communication medium. I have an aural fixation.

6) Casablanca, the movie.

7) Flying.


I nominate the following bloggers, who manage to enlighten and surprise me with a zest of this or that, teaching me things I don't already know. I'm listing ten, not seven, because I nominated one of the people who tagged me, another was also named by someone else (sorry, couldn't help meself; they're just too damned Kreativ!) and because -- remember -- I am not very good with numbers:

1) P. S. Haven
2) Tara Alton
3) Marina St. Clare
4) Susie Bright
5) Joss Lockwood
6) Scarlett Greyson
7) Jeremy Edwards
8) Craig J. Sorensen
9) Alison Tyler
10) Nikki Magennis

Thank you, Donna and Nikki!


Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, ER!

If I were an animator, I'd cartoon you voyaging to Paris and Venice on a flying paper shredder, a notebook in one hand and a phone in the other (and with Casablanca rolling as the in-flight movie).

Scarlett Greyson said...

Wow, thank you ER!

Donna said...

What a great list, ER, although of course, any finite list cannot do justice to kreativitee in blogland.

I'm sure this "award" has its roots in the same type-written chain letter that was being handed around in grade school, a kind of benevolent STI, if you will ;-).

Paris? Venice? I'm itching to get out that passport....

EllaRegina said...

You're very welcome, Jeremy!

You know, your cartoon sounds just perfect! You've really captured me! :-) I especially *love* the idea of a flying paper shredder. Would it drop its refuse like confetti on land and sea as it flies -- an airborne ticker-tape parade?

EllaRegina said...

You're most welcome, Scarlett! The pleasure = all mine!

EllaRegina said...

Thanks, Donna! And again for nominating me. Yeah, it's hard to narrow down to seven, hence my list of ten.

We've got to get to the bottom of this Award's origins! I love that -- a benevolent STI. HAHA.

Paris, Venice -- erotica blogger field trip, anyone?

Marina said...

Aw, thanks, ER!

EllaRegina said...

You are welcome!

P.S. Haven said...

So cool! Thanks, ER! I'm honored. And the feeling is certainly mutual!

EllaRegina said...

Likewise, I'm sure! :-)

Elise said...

A little late to the happy train but congrats!

EllaRegina said...

Never too late to hop aboard the happy train, Elise! Thank you!