Friday, March 6, 2009

A Black Lace Virgin

Photograph: New York Public Library Digital Gallery

I am truly chuffed, as my British friends would say, to announce that Black Lace, an erotic fiction imprint of Virgin Books (Random House; UK), has bought two (!) of my short stories for their upcoming (6 August 2009) anthology, Sexy Little Numbers (UK version here), the debut of an annual collection presenting the best erotica stories written by women.

From the product description:

"Sexy Little Numbers" will combine humour and attitude with wildly imaginative writing from all over the world.

I am also chuffed because the Black Lace editor, the dashing and discerning Adam Nevill, said some awfully nice things about my work. They brought tears to my eyes, they did.

I shall be in very good company. Other contributors to this sure-to-be-almost-too-hot-to-handle volume include Janine Ashbless, Portia Da Costa, Kristina Lloyd, Madelynne Ellis, Charlotte Stein, Justine Elyot, and Kristina Wright.


(Mysterious Mock-up Cover by Me)


Nikki Magennis said...

Oh, well done, EllaRegina! Congratulations and felicitations from this side of the pond! BL are lucky to have you.

EllaRegina said...

Thank you so much for your felicitations, Nikki! I am most delighted with this Trans-Atlantic development.

Erobintica said...

Congrats EllaRegina!

EllaRegina said...

Thank you, Robin!

Jeremy Edwards said...

I'm so chuffed for you! (Attn. UK: Can chuffed be used in a sideways fashion like that?)

I'm counting the days till "Numbers" comes out—it's sure to have innumerable merits!

Erobintica said...

Oh, and I just love the photos you use on your blog! Loved the botanical print - forgot to mention that in my snot-headed fog (which is starting to burn off).

I'd seen this submission call, but was afraid to send anything then. Not sure why.

Anyhow - it'll be great to get a double dose of EllaRegina!

(yeah, I'm waking up finally and can string words together)

Donna said...

This is fabulous! I think this calls for a glass of champagne at French Roast. Meet you there at 9? (AM or PM is fine with me ;-)

Alison Tyler said...



Anonymous said...

Your site has won a Blog of the Day Award (BOTDA)

Your award will go live sometime today.

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Thank you,

Bill Austin

Craig Sorensen said...

That's quite a talented lineup you're joining, EllaRegina.

Quite well deserved, too.


Kristina Wright said...

So delighted to be sharing space with you in SLN!! And *two* stories?? Fabulous news! Congrats!!

EllaRegina said...

Thanks so much, Jeremy! I'm counting, too. I've already started one of those |||| wall scratchings (with a horizontal line through the verticals), like what prisoners do to keep track of their incarceration and release day (if they have one). Luckily, this is a MUCH happier circumstance. ;-)

Hi again, Robin! So glad you like the images. I try very hard to find the right one to accompany each post. It can take forever. The NY Public Library Digital Collection is a wonderful resource. If you use their images on a personal blog, i. e. not for commerce, there is no fee. (Sorry about your snot fog. Hope it lifts soon).

Regarding submissions: never be afraid! The worst that can happen is you'll be rejected. The flip side: you might be accepted. It's like the lottery. If you don't buy a ticket you surely have no chance.

Was it the call's specifics that scared you? They were very detailed, indeed, with especially exacting instructions regarding changing US formatting to that of the UK. It was new to me and I didn't think I could do it all properly -- I was a tad daunted at first, in fact -- but with some careful concentration and perseverance it was not hard at all. And now I am familiar with those sorts of requirements. So, submitting in this case was also a learning experience! :-)

Thank you, Donna! You start at 9 am and I'll mosey in around twelve hours later. See you there!

Ahoy, Alison! Thank you! And XXX right back atcha!

Thank you, Bill Austin! What a nice addition to today's thrills! I shall wear the BOTDA badge with pride!

Hello, Craig! Thank you! Yes, the lineup looks superb. Speaking of which, I have only mentioned writers who've publicly announced their presence in this book. I would love to add more names to my post so if anyone out there is in SLN and would like to be listed here please let me know and I'll happily add your name and link to your website.

Hi, Kristina! Likewise and thank you! I'm looking forward to reading your contribution!

kristina lloyd said...

Wonderful news! It's great to see BL blossoming like this.

I think these are the two stories I was wanting to read online but am rubbish at reading fiction online so I never quite got there. And now I'll be able to read in an armchair with the pages between my fingers and a glass of wine to hand! Really looking forward to this collection.

And Jeremy, yes, you can be chuffed sideways!

Justine Elyot said...

Congratulations, EllaRegina, from a very recently-deflowered BL Virgin! I'm looking forward to seeing your stories. And Blog of the Day as well - it's all happening!

Charlotte Stein aka The Mighty Viper said...

Congrats, EllaRegina!

Well, you know I already think congrats. But I thought I'd say here, too. And I second the great line-up comment and also that bit about wanting more contributors to come out of the woodwork. I'd love to know who else is in it!

Emerald said...


EllaRegina said...

Thank you, Kristina! Happy to be rubbing pages with you, again! And I envy you your armchair. But why not take this book to bed and get really comfortable? ;-)

Hi, Justine! Thank you very much and congratuations. I'm anxious to see your stories, too! I mean, anxious in a good way, not nerve-wracked...

Hey, Charlotte!! Congrats to you, too and thanks as well! And for saying it on my blogggg. Yeah, where are all the other girlies? Come out, come out, wherever you are! I suppose I could ask Mr Nevill but I don't think that would be right. Some authors like to keep things quiet until the press has done its run. Or maybe he will send the TOC to everyone involved. No idea.

Hello, Emerald City! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Neve Black said...

Fabulous! I'm so sorry to be late to the congratulatory party. I did bring the fancy-shmancy Vueve Cliquot, though. Pop!

I'm thrilled for you! Wonderful news, indeed.

Janine Ashbless said...

Yay EllaRegina! "Humour and attitude with wildly imaginative writing" certainly describes those particular stories of yours to a T. Great stuff!

EllaRegina said...

Thank you, Neve! And it's never too late, especially when you arrive bearing Champagne!

EllaRegina said...

Thank you, Janine! And thanks again for your encouragement and advice with my submission questions. Really! I owe you at least two glasses of Champagne and now I have me a bottle, thanks to Neve! ;-)