Monday, March 16, 2009

All-Day Suckers! Coming Soon...

Yesterday I was just a cock tease but now I can blow my cover. I've joined an all-girl team of contented cocksuckers for the Blow Hard 2009 Blog Tour. Beginning March 31st, this itinerant 12-day blow job feast will sing the praises of suckage -- from the mouth of one sated fellatrix at a time -- so wipe your calendar clean!

Our bush league has some pretty heavy hitters:

March 31st: Sommer Marsden
April 1: Alison Tyler (No Fool, she...)
April 2: Dakota Rebel
April 3: Erobintica
April 4: Cora Zane
April 5: Heidi Champa
April 6: Moi!
April 7: Marina St. Clare
April 8: Emerald
April 9: Kristina Wright
April 10: Isabel Kerr
April 11: Neve Black

We will be offering discourse, fiction, memoirs and who knows what else -- all blow-job-centric. You can win a titillating prize! And, hey, no road tour worth its weight in ejaculate is without its roadies -- I say we call them our FlufferNutters -- so go ahead and apply! We'll need lots of help carrying our knee pads.

More to come. Watch this space!


Donna said...

This sounds like a real mouthful! I hope I can win one of those suckers ;-).

Erobintica said...

umm, that video is mesmerizing. how the hell does she do that?

EllaRegina said...

Try your hand, Donna! ;-)

Erobintica, I don't know. I think some girls just have the knack...

Jeremy Edwards said...

So many hilarious twists and turns of phrase in this post—you're cracking me up!

EllaRegina said...