Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Eternal muse Alison Tyler had another contest the other day, where she asked people to write a 250-word piece "that deals with writing." Those were our only instructions, should we choose to accept them. I did. Here is what I came up with. I "colorfied" it, for extra fun:

© 2009 by EllaRegina

It happened nightly, while Kay slept. The keyboard, dormant after the final mouse click, reanimated itself in the darkness of her writing room.

It was an orgy of letter-play. Q generally instigated, with his rotund belly and permanent right-leaning dangle. He'd pop off his metal spoke and chase down a tight " or = on the far side of the beige plastic, trying to wedge his tilted appendage wherever he could.

* desired a licking -- U was a good bet for that unless it was too busy being fucked by I, or pegged by T. W was very popular with keys that hadn't been breastfed. Ditto <, >, and ^ (who spoke foreign languages and was often in the company of ~ and `, snobs all). V and Y had many suitors. Alas, poor . was universally ignored, except by those keys having a particular fetish.

X, forever a size queen, alternated between / and \. ! was enthusiastic about trying new positions; ? also experimental. 6 and 9 went at it regularly, not quite knowing what else to do with themselves. S hung with m, control overseeing their activities. O and 0 sought penetration and nothing but, by any available letter -- each felt so different; one could not compare R to E nor Z to G... & masturbated.

And every morning @ 8, after delete and escape depressed themselves, Kay returned to the keyboard -- sitting inert just as she'd left it, ready for her daily thousand words.

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