Saturday, March 14, 2009

Erection, set. THE EMPIRE STATE, BUILDING; a Story


Idea magician Alison Tyler did it again this week with another powerhouse mind-bending short-short-story contest. This time the subject was masturbation, in 250 words, from the opposite gender's point-of-view. As it happens, I've always wondered what it would be like to have a penis (shut up, Sigmund!) and now I can happily report that it was just fine! I only wish we'd been allotted more words -- I had so many other ideas of what I could do with this handy new piece of equipment!

I came up (oops!) with the following:

© 2009 by EllaRegina

On my back, left eye shut, I align my hard cock with the Empire State Building -- my bedroom's eastern view -- until its antenna is a needle rising from my prick's eye -- a fleshy hypodermic, ready to inject.

The window in the opposite wall overlooks an apartment building, the nearest room close enough to jump into, were I Spiderman. Every night it presents a beautifully framed scene: a pale girl, face down on an unmade bed, naked except for knee-highs and pink stilettoed Mary Janes, ankles bound together with an ever-changing inventory of unassuming objects: a pair of shoelaces today, a scarf or dishtowel tomorrow. Her hands are beneath her, rump bobbing in air like a cork riding swiftly downstream. She hides her face under a pillow. I coordinate my strokes to match her behind's rhythmic levitations, as if posting atop a galloping horse.

My hand glides up and down my cock as her plump moons rise and fall. I grip myself, holding the Empire State Building. I wonder if the tourists on the Observation Deck know they are part of my erotic strategy. They've waited hours on line to unwittingly appear within the crosshair sight of my warm gun.

My balls ache. A feverish trail bubbles forward from the base of my spine. The Empire State Building turns into a geyser, a firework display. On the landmark's 86th floor dozens of Japanese visitors wearing I [HEART] NY buttons open black umbrellas simultaneously. I reach for a tissue.

Copyright 2009 EllaRegina. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without prior written permission from the author.


Emerald said...

Congrats on your win, too, ER! How cool that you discovered you like writing from that point of view — planning to make this one into a longer piece?

(LOL @ "Shut up, Sigmund!")

Emerald said...

Love the picture! ;)

EllaRegina said...


I'm hoping that now I will finally be able to take advantage of all the e-mail offerings promising to lengthen my member, yes.

Oh, you mean the story? There is potential, I think. I feel that way about so many of Alison's contests. Like they're the Open Sesame into new worlds of possibilities, you know? Literary diving boards.

Actually, come to think of it, I enjoy writing from any point of view, seriously -- views I didn't even know I had! Well, I really don't have them but then suddenly I realize that I do, if you know what I mean. It's sort of like looking at a sculpture and then focusing on its negative space -- a matter of changing perspective.

(Glad you enjoyed my little Freud joke!) :-)

EllaRegina said...

(It's a pencil holder.)

EllaRegina said...

(Or pen.)

You know, holding a pen, holding a penis -- it's all the same to me now!

Craig Sorensen said...

As a "holder" of the requisite equipment in question, I think you did a fine job.

Great, clever images, as always.

Well done and congrats!

PS, love the size disclaimer on the photo.

Marina said...

Congratulations, ER! This is fabulous!

Erobintica said...

Congrats EllaRegina! Often I can't make up my mind which story to vote on and then dither for days - but as soon as I read Empire, I immediately voted. Loved it!

It's fun to write from a male point of view - I've done it a few times. And I do like Alison's contests - Literary diving board - hahaha - come on in, the water's fine.

EllaRegina said...

Thank you, Craig! I appreciate your, um, first-hand and expert opinion.

Yes, the object in the photograph is smaller than the building it represents, larger than the pen-holder and, as for my erstwhile penis, well... I'll leave that to your imagination!

Marina! Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Aw, shucks, Erobintica! Thanks! That's nice to hear. I found all the stories interesting. With one exception (I think), they were all penned by someone who did not possess the genitalia they were writing of. I think everyone (pun alert) had a great handle on the scenario (another pun, hold on for the groans) at hand. Alison could well write a book of writing exercises, don't you think? I'd buy it!

Emerald said...

"I'm hoping that now I will finally be able to take advantage of all the e-mail offerings promising to lengthen my member, yes.

Oh, you mean the story?"


"Well, I really don't have them but then suddenly I realize that I do, if you know what I mean."

I do know what you mean — it seems to me a very fiction-writing-oriented thing. A writing of the characters, if you will, rather than oneself.

Donna said...

Another monumental creative from ER. I just love this--a must-read for every NYC tourist, imo ;-).

A series of shorts (or aching, throbbing longs) on this topic would be...a towering achievement.

Jeremy Edwards said...

The story truly scrapes the sky (and other things) with its imaginative sexiness ... and the post and comments here are a warehouse of hilarity!

Yep, in this contest I tricked myself into writing, as a male, from the male point of view (because I started off on the other foot in the previous event).

EllaRegina said...

Thank you, Donna! I thought you might like the Japanese tourist part even though it's something of a cliché. Yes, I am thinking about doing something with my shorts, so to speak. I really love writing them. The limitation of 250 or so words is, paradoxically, quite liberating.

Why thank you, Jeremy! I thoroughly enjoyed your shorty, no matter that you were describing tools you already owned. ;-) You really, um... pulled it off, and with great sensitivity.