Friday, February 6, 2009

A nice plug...

My story BLIND TASTING got a lovely write-up today from my generous and supportive friend Donna George Storey. She said some very nice things with her usual spot-on turn of phrase and linked my work thematically to recent events in Blogville, both local and global.

Writing can be such a lonely endeavor that such moments of uplift and encouragement, from a fellow scribe whose works I appreciate likewise, taste very sweet indeed -- no pun intended.

Thank you, Donna! I lift my dripping Caipirinha glass in your direction!

Below, Carmen Miranda, singing Tico Tico, paralleling her cameo appearance in my story.

In situ on YouTube.


Jeremy Edwards said...

Meet you in the clown room!

I'm already wearing a rubber (nose).

EllaRegina said...


Erobintica said...

A very nice plug indeed!

EllaRegina said...

Donna is most swell!